Hey everyone!  Welcome to "Warrants of Apprehension".   No, it's got nothing to do with the bad 80s hair band!   Here's the new section where we periodically pull a member of Team-X aside and ask them some real hard-hitting questions, probing into every nook and cranny about who they are, how they live life and how they view themselves!

Jubilee: Hey Rogue!  Thank you for being my first subject!
Rogue:  Um, I think you mean victim.
Jubilee: You keep up with that I'll ask you embarrassing questions about Logan.
Rogue:  Sugar, you ask me embarrassing questions about him anyway.
Jubilee: . . .  Good point.  Let's start eh?
Rogue:  Yeah, best get it over with.

Jubilee:  I call this part of the interview 'The Basics'

Jubilee:  What is your full name?
Rogue:  I'm an X-Men, and that's a mystery.  My real name is Marie.  Anyone call me that they're thumped.

Jubilee: What is your favorite nickname(s)?
Rogue:  Duh, that's a no brainer.
Jubilee:  Dude, just pretend we don't know.
Rogue:  Okay okay.  Rogue.  There, happy?
Jubilee:  Yes.

Jubilee:  What's your age?
Rogue:  Eighteen years old.
Jubilee:  That's legal.
Rogue:  Very good, Jubilee.  You want a lollipop now?
Jubilee:  If you're offering, yes.

Jubilee:  What's your birthday?
Rogue:  Hon, that's another one of those 'mystery' questions.
Jubilee:  Oh geez.  Fine!

Jubilee:  How about your educational status?
Rogue: I'm graduating this year.

Jubilee:  What school do you attend?
Rogue:  Jubes, everyone knows where I go.
Jubilee:  Oh... well... say it anyway!
Rogue:  Pfft.  Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

Jubilee:  Do you have any siblings?
Rogue:  Nope.  Only child.

Jubilee:  This section of the interview is called 'Favorites'.

Jubilee:  What's ya favourite food?
Rogue:  Momma's fried chicken and baked potatoes.

Jubilee:  Okay, favourite drink?
Rogue:  Coca Cola.

Jubilee:  What's your favourite Artist/Band/Group?
Rogue:  Oh, definitely Jeff Buckley.

Jubilee: What's your favourite type of music?
Rogue:  Anythin' with heart.

Jubilee:  What's your favourite color?
Rogue:   Green.

Jubilee:  What do you like to do with your spare time?
Rogue:  Ah love trainin'.  Hey - don't type what Ah say like that - Ah sound like a hick!
Jubilee:  Sorry - was testing out the phonetics.  Dude - you are a hick!
Rogue:  I'm gonna hit you.
Jubilee:  Okay okay, no phonetics.

Jubilee:  What's your favourite candy?
Rogue:  Hundred Grand bar.

Jubilee:  Now, this section is on friends!
Rogue:  Oh yay.

Jubilee:  Who are your best girl friends?
Rogue: Why, you and Kitty, of course.
Jubilee:  Aww!  *sniffles*  I love you man!
Rogue:  Back atcha.

Jubilee: Who are your best guy friends?
Rogue:  Well, um... Logan...
Jubilee:  You guys can't see this, but she's blushing.
Rogue:  Don't put that down!  Jube!
Jubilee:  Hmm... should I delete or shouldn't I?
Rogue:  Jubes!
Jubilee: *laughter*
Rogue:  Anyway!  I was gonna say Johnny and Bobby too!
Jubilee: Suuure you were.

Jubilee: Who is your funniest friend?
Rogue:  Not you.
Jubilee:  Bitterness much?
Rogue:  Okay, I'd have to say, when you're not being so obnoxious you can be rather amusing.
Jubilee:  Thank you!
Rogue:  And Bobby's practical jokes are pretty hilarious.

Jubilee:  Who is your weirdest friend?
Rogue:  Definitely you without a doubt.
Jubilee:  I'm going to take that as a compliment.

Jubilee:  Who's the friend who knows the most about you?
Rogue: Um... Logan.
Jubilee:  Okay - excuse me while I make a visit to Mr. Kleenex.
Rogue:  Oh geez!

Jubilee: Who's the friend who you've known the longest?
Rogue:  Well, if we're talkin' here at the mansion, technically, Logan.
Jubilee:  Oh yes, God bless technicality.

Jubilee:  Who is the friend/s you hang out with most?
Rogue:  You and Kitty.

Jubilee: *preens*  Who is the prettiest friend?
Rogue:  Oh man - you and Kitty are both beautiful!  Different beauty.  Both beautiful.
Jubilee: Awww, well you're kinda drop-dead gorgeous yourself, babe.
Rogue:  Thank you.

Jubilee:  Okay. *evil grins*  Who's your hottest friend?
Rogue:  Do I really have to answer that?
Jubilee:  Yes.  You agreed to answer all my questions.
Rogue:  No, you begged and pleaded and promised me your first born if I answered these questions.
Jubilee:  Rooooogue!
Rogue:  Okay!  Fine!  Logan!
Jubilee:  Aaaaand I win five bucks.
Rogue: !!

Jubilee:  Who are your worst enemies?
Rogue:  Um... the Brotherhood I presume...  And my better nature it seems.

Jubilee:  Okay - why?
Rogue:  Uhhh... Because they wanted to kill me?
Jubilee:  What about your better nature?
Rogue:  I think that's self explanatory.

Jubilee:  Okay - this section is the "What would you do?" section.   Answer as truthfully as you can.  Please.
Rogue:  Grrr.  Okay.

Jubilee:  What would you do if you showed up at a dance and someone had on the same dress as you?
Rogue:  Well, it wouldn't really matter if that happened.
Jubilee:  Why not?
Rogue:  Cause unlike that person, I'd be wearing gloves and scarves with the outfit so it'd look totally different anyways.
Jubilee:  Good point.

Jubilee:  What would you do if you fell asleep in class and drooled on your desk and when you woke
up everyone was staring at you?
Rogue:  Probably what you did when that happened to you.
Jubilee:  What, apologize to Ms. Munroe?
Rogue:  Well it wouldn't be hiding behind Remy.

Jubilee:  Okay - what would you do if you were talking to a really attractive member of the opposite sex
and they tell you that you have something stuck in between your teeth?
Rogue:  I'd... get rid of it.
Jubilee:  Ugh, you're thinking about Logan again huh?
Rogue: What!?
Jubilee:  Well, you know, you have that totally relaxed 'We can fart in front of each other and it doesn't matter' thing going on.
Rogue:  Oh God.
Jubilee:  Just sayin' it like it is, hon.

Jubilee:  Now for the 'Are you...' section.

Jubilee:  Are you honest?
Rogue:  Of course.

Jubilee:  Self-confident?
Rogue:  Depends if I'm in my uniform or not.

Jubilee: Psychic?
Rogue:  Who am I, Chuck?

Jubilee: Wild?
Rogue:  Only when I'm drunk.

Jubilee: A People Person?
Rogue:  Depends how covered up I am.

Jubilee: Cheap?
Rogue:  Jubilee!

Jubilee: A Wimp?
Rogue:  You're gonna find out if I am or not...

Jubilee: A Guy Magnet?
Rogue:  Uh... *blushes*  I wish.
Jubilee:  You are.
Rogue:  *blushes and rolls eyes*

Jubilee: A Control Freak?
Rogue: Er, no, that's Jean and Scott.

Jubilee: Self-centered?
Rogue: I don't think so.

Jubilee: Do you have a bad temper?
Rogue:  Seein' as I have a good chunk of Logan in my head, I'd say so.

Jubilee: Have a big mouth?
Rogue:  No, that's reserved for you, my dear Jubilation.
Jubilee:  Ha ha.  Funny.  Really.

Jubilee: Are you a Hopeless Romantic?
Rogue:  I really wish I wasn't, but I am.  Right to the core.
Jubilee:  It's so sweet though.  Okay next question.

Jubilee:  Are you popular?
Rogue:  Everyone's popular at Xavier's.
Jubilee:  Dude, that sounds like a jingle or something. *sings*  Ev'ryone's pop-u-laaar!  AT - Xaavieeer's!
Rogue:  You're cracked.
Jubilee:   Thank you!

Jubilee: Energetic?
Rogue:  When I need to be.

Jubilee: Friendly?
Rogue:  If I can overcome my shyness, yes.

Jubilee: Talkative?
Rogue:  Er... *blushes*.  Apparently, only around Logan.
Jubilee:  I know, it's so cute!

Jubilee: Generous?
Rogue:  Sure.

Jubilee: Hard-working?
Rogue:  Yep.

Jubilee: Shy?  Well there's a no brainer.
Rogue:  I wasn't shy with Logan.
Jubilee:  Dude, I don't need to say a thing with that one.
Rogue:  Oh shut up.

Jubilee: Sensitive?
Rogue:  Not particularly.   I mean, not overly.

Jubilee: Competitive?
Rogue:  Nope.

Jubilee: A good friend?
Rogue:  I like to think so.

Jubilee: Organized?
Rogue:  I like to see myself as a level medium between the organization skills of Kitty, and you.
Jubilee:  Yeah?
Rogue:  Yeah.  Kitty is organized, you're not.
Jubilee:  Bite me.

Jubilee: Gee, let's see, are you tactful?
Rogue:  I used to be.  Logan kinda fucked that up.

Jubilee:  Are you superstitious?
Rogue:  My Momma is.  I'm not.

Jubilee: Spoiled?
Rogue:  Only when Logan comes back from one of his trips with lots of presents.
Jubilee:  *sighs*

Jubilee:  Are you a leader?
Rogue:  I can be, if needed.

Jubilee:  Are you lazy?
Rogue:  No, that's another trait monopolized by the Yellow-Clad Wonder.
Jubilee:  That's a badge I wear with pride, my dear!

Jubilee:  Okay - here's the section about - luuuuuuuuuuurve!
Rogue:  Oh no. *groans*

Jubilee: Have you ever been in love?
Rogue: Erm... uh... I'm not answering that.
Jubilee:  You have to.
Rogue:  Oh geez.  Jubes!
Jubilee:  Rogue!
Rogue: He'll see this!
Jubilee:  Okay - that answers my question.
Rogue:  Don't put that down!!

Jubilee: With who?
Rogue:  Jubes, I said I'm not answering that.

Jubilee: Do you have a boyfriend?
Rogue:  Pfft.  I wish.
Jubilee:  I think you do.
Rogue:  I think you're deluded.

Jubilee: Okay, I'll play your game. How long have you been single?
Rogue:  I've always been single.
Jubilee:  I still think you have a boyfriend.

Jubilee:  Who do you fancy?
Rogue: This is another one of those questions...
Jubilee:  Which you said you would answer.
Rogue:  Fine.  Johnny is cute.
Jubilee:  Pfft.  Right.
Rogue:  He is.
Jubilee:  He is, yes.  I'm playing your game.
Rogue:  Oh geez.

Jubilee: In the opposite sex, do you prefer tall or short?
Rogue:  Uhmmmm... tall.

Jubilee: What physique do you prefer?  Skinny?  Fat?
Rogue:  Muscular.
Jubilee: *smirk*
Rogue:  Get that look off your damned face!

Jubilee:  What eye color you prefer? *smirks*
Rogue: *far away look*  Hazel.

Jubilee: *smirking wider*  Okay - what hair color you prefer?
Rogue:  I like darker hair.  Stop looking at me like that.

Jubilee:   Finish this sentence.  My guy has to be:
Rogue:  Understanding.
Jubilee: Logan.
Rogue:  Jubes!
Jubilee:  Yeah, yeah....

Jubilee:  Finish *this* sentence.  I would never like a guy who:
Rogue: Blabs about things that she shouldn't!
Jubilee:  You're not answering the question properly! *growls*
Rogue:  Fine.  I would never like a guy who is selfish.

Jubilee: What do you usually wear on a first date?
Rogue:  An outfit that's flattering yet a little conservative.   Not that I have a choice in the matter.

Jubilee: What do you like to do on first dates?
Rogue:  Watch movies, do some form of activity.  It makes talking easier.

Jubilee:  Finish this sentence. I love guys who:
Rogue:  Do what they feel, and aren't afraid to be who they are.

Jubilee: Okay.  Cool answer.  The hottest guy in the entire world is?
Rogue:  That guy from Ever After is kinda cute.
Jubilee:  Wuh?
Rogue:  You know. The prince guy.
Jubilee:  I'm putting 'Logan' down anyway.
Rogue:  Jubes!

Jubilee: The most romantic thing a guy has ever done for me was:
Rogue:  Um, not that it's romantic, but Logan saving my life is kinda up there.  But that's not romantic.
Jubilee:  Sure it isn't.
Rogue: *whimpers*

Jubilee: Have you ever had a song with a guy that meant a lot to you?
Rogue:  Um...  There's this Jimi Hendrix song I'm kinda fond of... Logan likes it a lot too... but it's not romantic.
Jubilee:  I'm gonna make you a t-shirt with that printed on it, I swear.
Rogue: Well he's the only guy I know that the both of us kinda love the same song.
Jubilee:  That's nice Rogue.
Rogue:  Don't patronise me.

Jubilee:  Moving on...  The most perfect couple I know is:
Rogue:  Duh.  Jean and Scott.
Jubilee:  Amen.  Can you say Barbie and Ken?  Knew ya could.

Jubilee:  This next section is called 'True or False...'

Jubilee: True or False?  I have never sneaked into a second movie at the movie theater.
Rogue:  False.
Jubilee:  Hell on our outings we've snuck in for thirds!
Rogue:  Damned straight.  Um, Jubes?
Jubilee:  Yeah?
Rogue:  Do like, Scott or the Professor or whatever see this page?
Jubilee:  Uh oh...
Rogue: ...

Jubilee:  Moving on before we incriminate ourselves further.  I never screen my calls to avoid talking to someone.
Rogue:  True.  Anyone I could ever avoid talking to is at the school so there's no point.

Jubilee:  True or false? There is one perfect mate out there for everyone, and I will find him!
Rogue:  I think that's true.
Jubilee:  I think you've already found him too.
Rogue:  You are so going to get my boot up your ass.
Jubilee:  Our relationship is so loving, doncha think?

Jubilee: I cry at sappy movies.
Rogue:  Oh, true, I'm afraid.  I can't help it.
Jubilee:  Yep.  You were crying like a baby when we were watching Romeo and Juliet.
Rogue:  I hate Leonardo DiCaprio, but it's just so sad!

Jubilee:  Okay.  I would rather read a book than draw a picture?
Rogue:  True.  If I draw, I kinda have to access Logan's psyche, and that's not fun.
Jubilee:  Wow, we're hittin' on the sensitive issues.
Rogue:  I'm sure you'll get a lot of journalism awards for the angsty problems of a teen mutant, Jubes.

Jubilee: I do much better in math class than art class.
Rogue:  False.   I might be okay at art, but I'm terrible at math.

Jubilee: I always wear a watch.
Rogue:  False.   Gloves get in the way.

Jubilee: I am hardly ever late.
Rogue:  True.

Jubilee: I make decisions based on careful thought.
Rogue: Erm, hehe.  False.  Very false.
Jubilee:  Quiet, but wild, folks.  That's our Rogue.

Jubilee: I squeeze toothpaste from the bottom of the tube.
Rogue:  I squeeze where I squeeze.   What's the point of that question anyway?

Jubilee: True or False? I try not to put things off.
Rogue:  False, I'm afraid.

Jubilee:  Okay, we're gonna have another session of  'Finish the sentence...'

Jubilee: If I was marooned on a desert island, the one book I would want to have with me is:
Rogue:  Probably my diary.

Jubilee: I often dream of:
Rogue:  Scary men in army uniforms sticking things into my body.
Jubilee:  Ew.
Rogue:  Well you asked.

Jubilee: My favorite outfit is:
Rogue:  My X-Men uniform.
Jubilee:  Aww yeah!

Jubilee: If the mansion was on fire and I could save only one thing it would be:
Rogue:  Um... Logan.
Jubilee:  *Blinks*  Okay...
Rogue:  Well... it's true.

Jubilee: The cartoon character I am most like is:
Rogue:  Uhm...  I don't think there is a cartoon character like me.
Jubilee:  No... no I don't think there is.
Rogue: *nods*
Jubilee:  Hey!  What about Pepe LePieu?
Rogue: You sayin' I STINK?!
Jubilee:  No you doofus!  The stripes!
Rogue:  Oh!!  Oh.  Cute.

Jubilee: My childhood best friend was named:
Rogue:  Katie.

Jubilee: If I had to choose a last meal, it would be:
Rogue:  Momma's fried chicken.

Jubilee: The person I admire most is:
Rogue:  Professor Xavier.

Jubilee:  Okay - here's a section I like to call 'My Holidays'.

Jubilee:  What's the coolest gift you've gotten?
Rogue:  Logan got me some really nice leather gloves once.

Jubilee:  What did you do last Christmas?
Rogue:  I ate turkey with my Mom.

Jubilee:  What did you do last New Years Eve?
Rogue:  I stayed up with my family and friends and drank some wine cooler.

Jubilee:  Did you get a kiss at midnight?
Rogue:  Er, not a mouth one, no.

Jubilee: What was your New Year's resolution?
Rogue:  To save money for my trip to Anchorage.
Jubilee:  Why Anchorage?
Rogue:  Um, it was somewhere to go.  It was more about the journey there than the place itself.
Jubilee:  Right.  See, if it were me, it'd be Vegas or something.
Rogue:  Uhuh.

Jubilee:  Okay - what was the most exciting moment of your Christmas holiday?
Rogue:  Uh, probably the moment Dad slipped with the carving knife and sent the turkey sliding into his groin.
Jubilee:  I take it it wasn't a very exciting Christmas?
Rogue:  Jubes, I'm from Meridian.
Jubilee:  Point taken.

Jubilee:  Okay - this section is what I like to call "Annoying things about your Love Life I didn't Think of Till the Last Minute."

Jubilee: So how many people have you dated?
Rogue:  No one, really.
Jubilee:  Really?
Rogue:  Yeah.
Jubilee: . . .  Logan's got some work to do.
Rogue: *groans*

Jubilee:  Well, that cuts off most of my dirty sex questions.   Um -  What guy have you always wanted to go out with but it never happened?
Rogue:  Well, I was kinda keen on David till I put him in a coma.
Jubilee:  Wow.  That sucks.
Rogue:  That is one double entedre I may have to hit you for.

Jubilee:  Okay, this is the 'Life' section.

Jubilee:  What's the most memorable thing you've ever done?
Rogue:  Uh...  nearly dying on the top of the Statue of Liberty and wiping out the most powerful men and women in the world was kind of an experience, but I think hitchhiking halfway across the North-American continent on my own was quite an achievement.

Jubilee:  What's the most fun thing you've ever done with your friends?
Rogue:  Sneaking into Lily Page's Tavern was kinda fun.   Even if Logan caught us eventually.

Jubilee:  If there was only one thing you could achieve in this life, what would it be?
Rogue:  Helping people, I think.

Jubilee:   This next section is what I like to call "Livin' In the X".   They're questions about mutant life, and the life of a trainee X-Men.
Rogue:  Don't tell me you're going to ask me questions that aren't loaded?
Jubilee:  I'm not promising that.

Jubilee:  What's your favourite room in the mansion?
Rogue:  Oh for God's sakes.  Um... the Danger Room is kinda cool.
Jubilee:  You are so avoiding a truthful answer there.
Rogue:  Jubes... pain.
Jubilee:  Grr, okay.

Jubilee:  If you could have any mutant power, what would it be?
Rogue:  I wish I could fly like Storm.   I'm sure that's wonderful, flying like a bird.  Logan's superhealing is kinda cool too.

Jubilee:  As a trainee X-Men, what do you most look forward to when you become a fully fledged defender of the X?
Rogue:  My own uniquely tailored uniform instead of the run-o-the-mill monkey suit I got now.

Jubilee:  Wow!  Okay - what X-Man do you look most forward to working with?
Rogue:  Well, Storm I think.  She's amazing to see in action, and I love her style.
Jubilee:  Hrmm.  No Logan?
Rogue:  Oh God, are you kiddin'?  I'd never get a chance to bash any heads!
Jubilee: Good point.

Jubilee:  Okay, this part of the interview is what I call 'Seeyabye!'.
Rogue:  I take it I can go now.
Jubilee:  Just after these last questions!

Jubilee:  What words would you like as your epitath?
Rogue:  That's a little morbid isn't it?
Jubilee:  Yeah.  But you know, this is about goodbye.
Rogue:  Um.  'Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!'
Jubilee:  *giggles*  Never pinned you for a Ali fan.
Rogue:  Oh, I'm not really.  I just like that saying.

Jubilee:   When someone you love leaves, do you watch them leave until you can't see them anymore, or just close the door behind them?
Rogue:  I let them just leave, close the door themselves.
Jubilee:  Aah, one for a quick goodbye, I see.
Rogue:  You know what the Professor says.  "No lengthy farewells."

Jubilee:  What's the best goodbye you've ever seen in a movie?
Rogue:  I think the silly one from "Top Secret" is kinda funny.

Jubilee:  And finally - leave us with a quote, my dear Rogue.
Rogue:  Oh, okay.  "And so, slowly, beginning at his hands and feet and creeping along his limbs to reveal the vital centres of his body, that strange change continued.  It was like a slow spreading of poison.  First came the little white nerves, a hazy grey stretch of a limb, then the glassy bones and intricate arteries, then the flesh and skin, first a faint fogginess and then growing rapidly desne and opaque.  Presently they could see his crushed chest and his shoulders, and the dim outline of his drawn and battered features."   Chapter 28 'The Hunter Hunted', from the book The Invisible Man by HG Wells.
Jubilee: *pale*  You are a warped, strange individual, Rogue.
Rogue:  This from a woman who dresses in emergency yellow.
Jubilee:  Yes.   Well - thank you for answering my questions.
Rogue:  It was a pain in the ass, but I was willin' to go through it for you, sweetheart.
Jubilee:  I'm going to take that as a positive comment.
Rogue:  That'd probably be best.
Jubilee:  Right.  I'm deciding you're hanging out with Logan *far* too much.   Well folks, that's it from Rogue.  Move along, nothin' to see here.  Again, thanks Rogue.
Rogue:  No problem.