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Hey everyone!   I know - it's been like - freakin' ages, right?   I'm real sorry about that.   Real life is a bitch and Summers has been givin' me extra homework.  Anyways - on with the show, which is slowly degenerating into a full on three-ring circus!   Warrants of Apprehension is aaaall served up with tea.  You betcha, buttons, it's the Mighty Wolverine up to bat this innings!   Dear Jubes is as exciting as ever, and boy am I giving out the good advice.  The ongoing saga of Natas and his Scary Clown Lady is continuing - don't miss out on that one dude.  This weeks Main Article is inspired by the Darwin Awards, except people don't die in this one.  Yep, dudes, it's the X-Stupid Awards.  What I find out when everyone ain't lookin'... hoo hoo hoo haa haa haa!

Prepare to learn stuff about your heroes
you really never wanted to know.

Internet GOOD stuff

the guy is a mojo god.
funny shit, net phenomenon.  
the posse rocks, man. 

Jesus Of the Week.

Get in touch with the funky side of your Messiah.


There's a board, and I'm 
there.  Much fun coming
soon to that dot.com.

Starring... The Wolverine!
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