Cheeto Run:
Frequently Asked Questions:

1a.  Why do a comic strip about X-Men the Movie?

You know what... I'm not too sure why.   I guess cause I have a lot of ideas about storylines in the X-Men movie universe that translate better to comic strip than fan fiction.   Mostly the character portrayals were borne for Diebin's want of a comic presence to, and I thought that I'd do a really top-notch job and redevelop my 'Little Logan' and 'Little Rogue' characters.   They were kinda the mascots, and I thought they deserved their own little comic strip. Since then has sort of developed beyond the need of mascots, but Cheeto Run still lives on.

1b.  Why the name 'Cheeto Run'?

Aah.  Good question.  Well... when I first started to read and write X-Men fan fiction, I was pulled towards writing very silly and very fun stories.   Now, when it came to writing my second story in "The Flaming Lederhosen" series, I had many ideas for a few silly scenes.   One involved Jubilee watching her copy of "Addicted to Love", eating cheetos, and suffering the realisation that the main character of "Addicted", played by Matthew Broderick, was a lot like Cyclops.   Out of horror at this thought, she slammed a cheeto into her forehead.    Later, when Logan said something to annoy her, she shut him up by doing the same - slamming a cheeto into *his* forehead.

Now, as I wrote this, I was welcoming people onto the WolverineAndRogue egroups mailing list by 'cyber' slamming cheetos into their foreheads.   It's now become an honoured tradition on the young list, and cheetos are forever concrete in WolverineAndRogue Cyberdom.

In my love of cheetos, and their comparitive rarity in Australia, often I've had to go on Cheeto Runs to find my blessed favoured snack food.  The comic strip is named in honour of this entire (bizarre) phenomenon.

2. Why Wolverine and Rogue?  Are you some sicko?

Yes... but that's beside the point!   It's love.  It's beautiful.   They're perfect.   Get over it.

3.  You got something against Bobby or something?  Why do you portray him like that?

Bobby is a great character, he's just also very easy to make fun of. That means that I take a lot of cheap shots at him. It's fun.   I portray Bobby the way I do best - in parody.  The same goes for other characters.

4.  Wow!  You draw really good!  How did you get so good?

Ah.   I get this question asked of me a lot, over different drawings and things, but the answer is simple.  It's been trained into me from birth.  I kid you not.   I had sisters that painted, a mother that painted, heck even a father that did carvings.   When you have that much art around you, you think 'Oh - everyone must draw!'.   I was shocked in primary school when I learnt that not everyone drew.    I'd been learning to draw as I learnt to write and learnt to walk and learnt to clothe myself etc.

No matter how young I started, the real thing that gave me my skills was proper art training, and practice.   Always drawing everything I saw.   So that's your answer - practice.

5. You do so many comics - where do all the ideas come from?

A lot of the comics parody certain situations in the movie, but mainly, I just come up with the stuff.   I have a wildly overactive imagination, and I'm biding my time till the next movie, so a lot of weird crap comes out of my head for these comics.

6.  Do you have a favourite character to draw?

Oh, definitely Rogue.  I love drawing her.  She's so pretty, I love drawing her big eyes and her lovely mouth and all that flowing hair.  Logan comes pretty close, and he's my favourite to draw when he's shirtless.   Of course I adore drawing them together :)

7.  Do you draw other things apart from X-Men?

Oh of course.   You can check out my Online Portfolio if you'd like to see my more serious works, and stay tuned for my Mangel Comics website, where my titles BirdMartiaN and Carrie and the Magnetism! will be published online! Also, my Lord of the Rings website, Lothlorien, is filled with drawings and work for you to peruse, even fan music!

8.  How do you do a comic strip?

Well, first off, I start with a draft like this:

This is my planning copy.    I start in a simple lined pad, just to get my ideas and layout down.  As you can see, this takes me no time at all.   Then, I draw it up in pencil on white paper (Usually your general photocopy paper).  I hate ruling lines by the way, but the lines anchor the comic, so I kinda need to put them in.

Aaah - now I've redrawn it (with ruled lines) and inked it.  I usually ink with a very fine paintbrust rather than a pen.  You have no idea how much skill it takes to do this properly.   I don't do it properly - my brush lines are very sloppy compared to such greats as Tatsuya Ishida (of Sinfest Fame) or Stan Lee himself (he may draw women totally wrong but his line quality kills me dead).   Anyway, I draw down the ink over the penciling, then I rub away the pencil. I'm sure you were taught to do that in primary school (We were but our teachers were anal).

I start colouring it in, piece by piece now.  I do this in Adobe Photoshop.  Gone are the days one would hand ink it, but hand inking has it's value in the selling of comic work.

And vuala!!  The finished piece!     I just wrote in the words with a font, and that's it!!  Simple!  You'll notice that the bit about the 'chest' has been cut out.  Often, during the lettering process, fitting it into the space I've given it during final line inking is either too much or not enough.   I edit the text accordingly (sometimes MORE jokes get fit in, rather than less as was the case here).

9.  Is Substitute Logan currently seeing anyone?

Substitute Logan is a very popular pillow, and is currently residing in the girl's dormitory.   The girls are his harem, so if he has any free time in his schedule, you could possibly be able to book half an hour with him.   But you must understand, Substitute Logan is a very popular piece of habadashery, so his time is limited.

You can, however, make your OWN substitute Logan!   They're free, easy, and cuddly to boot!   Just follow these instructions, and you can enjoy your very own Substitute Logan!

10.  This link doesn't work - did you know that?

If a link doesn't work, say you click on text and nothing happens - then you can be pretty sure I haven't actually linked up the text, and the work you want to view doesn't exist yet.   Sorry.  If you get a link that says that the thing isn't on the server or whatever, then it's a link I'll need to fix.   If you email me about it, I'll be *so* very grateful.