Hey there!  This is the place to get your unique, spunky and ever so fun Cheeto-Run desktops!  To place them on your desktops, click on the thumbnail, and when the full image loads, right-click and press "Make this the Background Image".

Please remember these images are exclusive to Cheeto-Run.

1024x768 Desktops

Logan/Rogue Original Desktop.
"Not a littlin' with whom to fuck"
"Southern sass, X-Grrrl brass"
"It ain't dirty to feel the love."
"Feel the love. FEEL IT! LIEBE LIEBE!!"


The Else-Cheeto Series
Costume Fun with Logan and Rogue.

Mermaids and Shipwrecked Sailors.
The Brave Highlanders.
Taming the Tiger.
Varsity Cheese.
St. Logan's Fire.
Of Centaurs and Nymphs
Faerie Tale.
Toy Cheeto.



The Meaning of "Exclusive"

So that there is no confusion now, or in the near future, I want to elaborate on what I mean when I say 'exclusive'.

Exclusive means that these images are for the use of myself, and wolverineandrogue.com only, as in - me and that page, and nobody else.   Unlike image captures, these pictures are my own artworks, lovingly slaved over whilst I neglect important things like my life and feeding myself.

If you'd like to link to Cheeto-Run, so everyone may know the 'love', then please, feel free to grab a banner and/or button from the Link to Me section.

Thank you.